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Gaspot Alternative

A better Gaspot alternative based on Scadapot framework.


The OWASP Honeypart project uses our Honeymax technology to power itself.


Using Scadapot framework, an alternative, harder to detect Gaspot was created as part of OWASP Honeypot.


We have implemented our research in a simple framework, and demonstrated it by creating a Gaspot alternative that is harder to detect as part of the OWASP Nettacker.

Honeypots Fingerprinting

Test your honeypots and see how much effort it takes to identify and categorize them.

Implementing an Undetectable Honeypot

Our research and expertise in this area enables us to develop undetectable ICS honeypots.  

Need Better Sensor Simulation?

We can consult you on how to design your honeypot or other tools to mimic ICS sensors more accurately.

Anti-Honeypot Technology

Using Scadapot framework, you have all the principles needed for detecting ICS honeypots.

Kaspersky Presentation

Watch our presentation at Kaspersky ICS Conference.

Scadapot ICS Honeypot Framework

A framework for creating better ICS honeypots.